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[It's been a while, Paradisa, but there is a light-blue space marine patrolling the halls again. Just breaking 7' with her full suit on, her right arm a robotic prosthetic that moves as fluidly as if it were flesh and blood, she can be found making her way about the interior of the castle, reading all of the nameplates and look for anyone familiar. She dictates into the journal as she does, in her thick Israeli accent]

How long has it been, I wonder? I need a current SITREP.

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Noble Two, reporting for duty.
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[OOC Information]
Name: Krakatau
Age: Oldish
AIM/Plurk/Dreamwidth/Email: EleiShar/Krakatau/Krakaota/
What characters do you already play here, if any? NA
How did you hear about the game? Friend on Plurk. Then I met Kia.

[IC Information]
Character Name: Noble Two (Catherine Beta-320)
Series: Halo: Reach
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Species: Human (scientifically augmented)

Appearance: Out of armor Kat stands 6'9". She's of Israeli descent, with
green eyes from her augmentations. Her hair is near-black, cropped short as if previously buzzed. At the base of her skull is her UNSC neural implant. She has facial scars on her right cheek and temple and left eyebrow. She's about 200-250 pounds, and well muscled. Her most notable feature is her right arm, which is entirely robotic from the shoulder down. Clothes with low necks and backs would reveal plasma scarring around her prosthetic The robotic prosthesis is in a minimalist aesthetic, and carries the FJ/Para shoulder plating in light blue. There are moving servos on her elbow and a blue hydraulic line.

In armor she stands over 7' and weighs in around 500 pounds. It's light blue with steel secondary and white detailing. She wears the Air Assault helmet with a silver visor, FJ/Para shoulders, Mark V chest, and Tactical Hard case with a 26th century datapad.

Personality: Kat is fierce, fiercely loyal, and largely unforgiving. She warms up slow, but once she's opened up she provides a very capable ally. She defends Carter when he's verbally accosted by Halsey for his decisions regarding the Zealot Elites. She starts off frosty with Noble Six, grabbing the data crystal from him/her, but later admitting - with a warmer tone - that Six was 'one steely-eyed Spartan'. Her interactions with Emile, when she's 'borrowing' his Kukri to sketch out her intended operation, and handing it back with a thanks when she's finished, is an example of her reaching a certain comfort level.

She knows what her strengths are, and pokes fun at Carter after setting up a link to Colonel Holland - "Don't touch anything, you wouldn't want to ground the place." Although she's got immense respect and affection for Carter, however, she's not above pushing her tactics and arguing for what she believes is a superior operation maneuver - chain of command is respected as far as she doesn't have any ulterior motives. She attempts to hack into the data crystal she takes off of Six, which alerts Halsey to its presence and nearly lands Kat in the brig. Some prime examples of her ambition and pride are when she's telling Carter to back off "You're in my light, commander", and later arguing to a point of basically forcing him to call Colonel Holland about an operation she wanted to set up.

She does have her internal demons, however; during an operation she set up, she failed to notice an incoming banshee and was incapacitated to a point where Thom-293, the original Noble Six, took her armed nuke up to the Covenant warship and as a result perished in the explosion. Despite all her psych evaluations trying to convince her otherwise, she considers Thom's death to be her fault, and has a healthy guilt complex worked up as a result.

As a Spartan, she's familiar with working with Marines and Army and other military personnel, but she has absolutely no experience on the civilian side of life.

Abilities: In addition to rigorous military training that began when she was seven years old, She underwent chemically induced puberty, followed by a cocktail of chemicals that increased her bone and muscle density, gave her keener eyesight and hearing, and improved her reaction twitch times. Altogether, it made her stronger, faster, and harder to kill.
The armor adds an additional increase to her strength, endurance, and reactions, through titanium-alloy plating that is space-capable, and a titanium-weave undersuit that's lined with a liquid-crystal layer that can be integrated with an AI unit via an induction port by the neural implant. It's unclear whether or not Kat was equipped with one of these.

Items: Her prosthetic, her armor, a magnum with extra rounds, and a datapad. And a heavy does of sass. And emergency protein rations.

History: Humanity is at war on two fronts; the Covewnant, a conglomeration of alien races intent on destroying humanity for being 'blasphemous' to their religion, and the Insurrectionists, a movement that arose from mankind expanding to hundreds of colony planets and stretching the government and military thin. The Spartan project was created to train, augment, and armor supersoldiers to combat the Insurrection, and these Spartans then became mankind's most effective weapon against the Covenant.

The Spartan III Project was instituted years after the Spartan II project completed training.

Kat was orphaned when the Covenant glassed her home planet (bombarding it with superheated plasma that turns the ground into a slick, lifeless molten ball) and her family was killed. This made her eligible for the Spartan-III program, the cut down, mass produced version of the successful Spartan II program, which she was given a choice to join when she was six. Without any clear future, or understanding of what she would be undertaking, she agreed. She was a part of Beta company, but her brilliance with technology and strategies singled her out for Noble, an elite reconnaissance Spartan fireteam, which saved her from the massacre that was Operation: TORPEDO. She's put in the field after she recovers from the augmentations, at fourteen, and she spends the next near-decade fighting both Insurrectionists and Covenant, moving from engagement to engagement.

As the tactical brains of Nobe, she's been in charge of putting together operations. Most notably is the unnamed operation wherein Thom sacrifices himself to destroy the Covenant supercarrier, and Operation: UPPERCUT, a risky operation she devises that successfully destroys the initial Supercarrier - Long Night of Solace - over Reach, albeit losing Jorge-052 in the process.

Following UPPERCUT, Noble team is kept busy helping clear routes for evacuation craft out of New Alexandria, which is being swiftly overrun with Covenant ground forces and, as the night wears on, additional supercarriers glassing the surrounding areas. After seeing the last cluster of vehicles away, they make for a bunker underneath the city to escape the plasma bombardment, but Kat's lack of situation awareness and her inability to wait for her armor's shields to fully recharge causes her to miss the Covenant dropship overhead, and she's cut down by a single needler headshot from an Elite Zealot sniper.

She and Carter are the original, founding members of Noble team; the others have come and gone via rotations or, as happens in war, death. By the time of Halo: Reach, they have a mixed team of Alpha and Beta companies from the Spartan-IIIs, as well as a Spartan-II.
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How's My Driving? Let me know here!
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That is to say, how do you like the way I play Kat? All concrit and kudos welcome and encouraged!

Not, you know, how well she drives, because lets face it; someone really should revoke her license.

comments screened!
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CHARACTER NAME: Kat S-320 (Lieutenant Commander Kat B-320 aka Noble Two)
CANON: The moment immediately preceding the sniper shot that kills her
WHAT THEY LOST: The Sprint armor enhancement (She would still have Armor Lock, but being that she's the reason the Sprint ability exists, it's the more important enhancement to her character). Her running abilities would be more on par with a regular human being, and she'd be losing the ability to sprint at Olympic level speeds with little rest in between.

ABOUT THE CHARACTER: Kat is from the Beta company of the Spartan-III program, which consisted of children aged 4-6, orphaned by the Covenant attacks on human colony planets, put through rigorous and grueling military training and bone and muscle augmentation. The Spartan-III program differed from the Spartan-II in that it pulled from a more generous (and less psychological and physically desirable) gene pool, and that its members were more or less destined for the high-risk 'suicide' missions.

Kat was one of the few Beta Company Spartan-IIIs pulled by Lt. Cmdr. Kurt S-051 and put into Noble Team for special reconnaissance ops that literally saved her from the massacre that was Operation: TORPEDO. As part of Noble Team, which consists of Spartan-IIIs representing Alpha and Beta companies, and one Spartan-II, Kat is the tactician and technician. She has brilliant hacking skills, and does the best she can with what she has as quickly as she can. She's able to jury-rig and splice and does whatever she can in order to get the results she wants. She does, however, have a tendency to delve much deeper than her mission usually requires, and this has gotten her in trouble more than once with ONI and the UNSC. This doesn't seem to worry her any, and she's been known to break in and alter their own systems to her own agendas (such as the case of the missing P_A(r)NCSI-AMA certification).

Despite that, she's got a healthy respect for authority, especially where Noble Leader (aka Carter A-259) is concerned. Carter and Kat are the two remaining original members of Noble Team, and as such have formed a rather tight bond. Being in a situation without him, she'd probably seek someone in a leadership position to report to. She may be one of the highest ranking Spartans, and she's more than willing and able to direct people under her and put together operations on her own, but she's used to having someone else just above her giving the orders. Her respect for authority is also shown through the fact that, although she doesn't seem to be bothered by other members of Noble Team referring to her by her given name Kat, she herself refers to the others by their respective callsigns; Noble Six, Noble Four, etc.

On top of her stellar technical skills, she's also extremely good at reading situations and people, and making the most out of severely limited INTEL. Her abilities here have been described as 'supernatural', hinting at a sort of instinct or sixth-sense as far as tactics are concerned. However, there have been a couple events where, for whatever reason, her situational awareness wasn't at its peak, and two moments in particular ended with disastrous results. One was during the op that resulted in her losing her arm, and the other resulted in her own death via sniper shot from an Elite in a Phantom that was passing by as she ran through an open area to get to the fallout bunker.

Noble Team is one of very few of the Spartan teams that worked closely with non-Spartan military groups, so Kat's had experience dealing with others outside of her own little Spartan 'family'. In Paradisa, she'd keep an eye out for competent fighters and warriors that might serve as a replacement Noble Team, most notably seeking out someone in a leadership position. If other members of Noble Team ever did show up, she would obviously fall very easily into her role with them, but wouldn't forget the alliances she had already forged in the castle, and would probably us them as additional support fire-teams in the case of hostile world-changes.


"When does he get off calling a demolition op Priority One-" Kat slows to a stop, her robotic hand immediately dropping to her pistol, but she doesn't do more than brush her fingers against the surface.

She's not sure where she is, or how she got here, but the two immediate truths she does know are that she's not currently in any immediate danger, and this was not a Covenant construct. It looked most assuredly human, a lobby of a hotel, maybe, with a staircase and an elevator and hallways leading off who knows where.

She waits a moment longer, noting the stillness on her motion tracker, and the silence over the TEAMCOM. Two seconds ago she'd been with all of Noble Team – save for Jorge – and they were discussing their next course of action while trying to dodge a glassing and get to a bunker. Where was this and how did she get here?

Her headset picks up noise, dull chatter, and Kat turns to see an open journal on a coffee table. She approaches it, frowning in confusion as she watches words bloom onto the page, some corresponding with dictations, and background noises. How was it audio communications like this were operating in a book form?

Although she's still confused how it works, it doesn't take her long to figure out what it's supposed to be used for, and so after a moment she clears her throat, dictating into the journal and over an open channel on her headset;

"This is Noble Two. Noble Team, state your positions. What the hell just happened?"

FIRST-PERSON WRITING SAMPLE: [Sounds of light mechanical tinkerings. Kat's doing regular maintenance on her robotic arm as she dictates,]

So, you've got your castle, with its odd collection of residents who come and go without warning, some staying weeks, some staying years. Then there's the town, with natives, who don't like us very much. The Dead Zone, where electronics, and 'magic' doesn't function, and then more world.

My questions are,is this Dead Zone finite, and what's the farthest vector explored?

Filtered to Foxtrot-12

What intel do you have on this 'Peace Patrol'?

INTENT: What draws me to Kat is the sort of conflicting character traits of abiding to leadership and authority, while at the same time choosing to ignore some of their restrictions when doing her job and collecting intel, opting to satisfy the curious urge to dig deeper and risk imprisonment for tampering with sensitive material. On top of that, there's the fact that, as a Spartan-III, she's had a very tragic and short life, orphaned, trained specifically for suicide missions, and ultimately losing her life at the age of twenty-two. I'm fascinted at the prospect of playing a charcter that's had so much military and disciplined training from such an early age, on top of the physical augmentations and armor enhancements that make her nearly superhuman, but in a charcater that's been honed to control and react with logic and precision.


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